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First off, she was not black, get over it. Second off, she was greek, get over it. Every history book written by the Romans described her as white (greek heritage). No one is stealing your history, your stealing there's. Ptolemy was white also, get over it. The common Egyptian people were not european White but Caucasian, they depicted themselves as red skinned, so did the Romans. Not black skinned like the Nubians and not white like the Greeks/Romans.

Come off anon and then we can Talk. You being anon doesnt make you sound so confident abt the “things” you’re saying :) PS: Its theirs not there’s and you’re not your. It’s time you people start to learn your own grammar or black people are going to “steal” that too ;)

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About the tweet you posted about Cleopatra being black and constantly being portrayed as white-- there is actually no evidence for or against Cleopatra being black. She was descended from Greek Macedonian Ptolemy Soter, but we don't know the ethnicity of her mother or grandmother. 50-75% of her genetic heritage is unknown, and no one can really say for sure.

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"Scientists find Cleopatra’s sister and possibly her mom probably were Black African women" this article is pretty much based on the analyzation of skulls for race. I'm working on my masters degree in physical anthropology with a specialization in forensic anthropology (which I have been studying for years), and all of my teachers and textbooks have stated that we are not supposed to analyze skulls for racial characteristics, as racial characteristics are extremely arbitrary.



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